Designing product simply, is complex work – a review of Omnex DFX training in Suzhou, China

OMNEX provided a 2-day DFX training class on 18-19th April in Suzhou for a company which is the first manufacturer to focus on providing electrical connectors for cars built in China. This company has been an industry leader for 60 years with a turnover of US$12.8 billion as a global automotive supplier. The company’s principal business involves producing engineered electronic components for many clients and thousands of industrial products, including network solutions and systems for telecommunications and electrical markets; wireless systems for emergency communication; and radar and defense application. DFX is considering every “X” or potential risk in the product development life cycle at the earliest stages of product design, such as Assembly, Manufacture, Cost, Quality, Reliability, Sustainability. The object is to identify and solve/mitigate each risk, to ensure speed, efficiency and low cost in production and application.

The participants in the course were mechanical design engineers, systems engineers, manufacturing, industrial and quality engineers & inspectors, as well as a product manager, a cost accounting Participants engaged in the training session.

This training was conducted by Omnex senior consultant, Mr. Shen Jing, an expert in product innovation and DFX. He brings 22 years of practical experience in product structure design and innovation consulting, in medical devices, automotive parts, consumer electronics, and intelligent hardware. This experience is enriched with many years of experiences working on overseas assignments in Japan and the United States. In addition, he has served as a core product designer for Apple, IDEO and Philips. He possesses patents in physical design, and has received grants from the Shanghai Special Fund in 2017 and the Ministry of Science and Technology Special Fund in 2018 for DMX/DFX.

The Omnex DFX is based on traditional DFX tools the introduction of a decision making method of op search, quantitated assessment tools, added “Know-How Supply” during the design and innovative management tools. Make sure that every element “X” of product development life cycle cooperates, decision-making efficiency of design gets increased.

With this approach, we expand DFX’s visibility into the early stage of innovation- “Demand Analysis and Product Definition”, at the beginning of product innovation, combined process and method of DT “Design Thinking” with mass producibility (DFX), increased the overall efficiency of innovation, research & development, design and mass production. The traditional DFX is advancing in another direction-“Designmerge-X” by the lecturer.

Participants engaged in the training

  • MINI-TRIZ Structured Data Base and index of existing knowledge
  • Decision-making tool of opsearch: 2BN2B
  • Structured mass production technological assessment based on sketches
  • DFX empirical equation and database created from geometric characteristics
  • Design thinking standard process tools from DFF to DFX
  • Prefabricated manual specimen for engineering practice

This training course helped students understand the objectives, theories, processes and methods of DFX. This training allowed students to understand how to master DFX techniques, begin effective DFX project management, understand process assessment with DFX, achieve the standardization and improvement of products and processes, and understand how to establish a DFX system at their own organization.merge-X” by the lecturer.

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